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Perfectly matching with the trend of sportswear and activewear, our research aims at the design of special fabrics, bonded, laminated, resin-coated any many more.

Specialized in:

technical processes


technical processes


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Special Projects

The creation of new fabrics with exceptional technical qualities, suitable either for outerwear/activewear brands and fashion “prêt-à-porter” trends.


The theme of sustainability is gaining more and more importance within the collection of ITS ARTEA. Among the latest innovations there are fabrics woven with recycled yarns, obtained with new and innovative techniques, through the recovery of old finished garments, from plastic waste from the ocean, from corn and from other renewable sources used to produce our technical membranes.


This reflective item was developed starting from a water repellent and down proof nylon quality. The fabric is printed with a design – made by an ad hoc printing system – of glass microspheres which, when dazzled by a light, generate an amazing reflective effect. All the qualities presented with this technique are covered with a particular resin that guarantees resistance to water and to rubbing, allowing the pattern to keep its appearance unaltered over time.


Specifically, through the 'Progetto Luce', ITS Artea, supported by Alteray technology (Biasiotto Group), has developed an avant-garde article linked to the concept of 'photosensitive' applied directly on the yarn. A technique that allows to obtain customizable fabrics thanks to the wide range of variations. The excellence of this process allows to create coloured an 3D surface by mixing photosensitive yarns with others, jacquard fabrics which once exposed to a UV light will show different colours and designs. This innovative technique until today was workable with digital effects only.


A type of particular weaving has been studied to produce jacquard fabrics with a polyurethane yarn dyed. A further finishing is applied to give more light and resistance to these special fabrics suitable for ready to wear and accessories

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